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Paris, France

Paris, the city of lights, can also be described as the city of delights. Food is serious business in France. You'll find specialty shops on ever street, daily farmer's markets, and an open boulangerie for fresh bread.

Insider Food has found a wide spectrum of English and French blogs and resources. Many of the blogs are by published authors. You'll certainly find great new recipes, Paris travel tips, and recommendations on stand-out restaurants.

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New York City, New York

The Big Apple. New York is THE city in America for food, culture, and art. At least that's what they say in New York. One thing's for certain, you'll find great meals and a hub of international foodies in this city.

New Yorkers are known for their directness, humor, and passion for traditional cuisine. You'll also find a group of bloggers exploring the edges of cooking, baking, and restaurants.

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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is larger than many countries and much more diverse. You'll find great food from any culture. You'll also find a heavy emphasis on healthy, natural food in this city that revolves around external appearances. Don't pass up the taco shops and celebrity hangouts.

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Chicago, Illinois

There's more to Chicago than Obama, Oprah, and Bear's offensive line. You'll find deep dish pizza, hotdogs, and hearty European immigrant communities.

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San Francisco Bay Area, California

California's Bay Area is deservedly the heart of American cuisine. It is surrounded by fertile lands with amazingly fresh produce, the finest wines, and a burgeoning artisan farming/dairy industry. Bay Area Foodies are among the most passionate in the world.

The Bay Area is much more than the city of San Francisco. Look for Napa Valley's Wine, artichokes from Castroville, fresh peas from Halfmoon Bay, Gilroy garlic, chocolate in Berkeley, and Pan-Asian food of Milpitas. This is an area of high-tech foodies that splurge on the best ingredients and love to share their experiences.

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London, England

There's a new culinary movement in London working to destroy England's reputation for bad food. Watch for local ingredients, passionate preparation, and attention to flavors. You'll also find plenty of traditional pubs, fish and chips, and tea shops. It's a city that embraces its jovial traditions while creating new trends in fresh and flavorful cooking.

The U.K. has a vibrant food blogging population. Get even more local food information from the U.K. Food Bloggers Association.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta can be called the capital city of the south. It's a hub for transportation, telecommunication, and top 500 corporations. Atlanta residents enjoy their vibrant sports, music, and culinary scenes.

Southern cuisine has been enjoying a comeback. People are rediscovering the southern focus on fresh, seasonal vegetables, succulent bar-b-q, and soul food made with love. Slather some sorghum on your biscuit and enjoy some down-home southern cooking from these foodies from Atlanta and other parts of the Deep South.

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